My Educational and Child Psychology assessments consider the child within the broader context of their learning environment.

I help to offer a deeper understanding of a general (e.g., “how can I support my child make better progress with her learning?”) or a more specific issue (e.g., “how can I help my child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder feel less anxious about school?”)

I explore the child’s own experience within their learning environment as well as gaining the perspectives of adults (e.g., parent/carers and school staff) who know the child well.

I highlight where the child’s strengths lie and suggest supportive strategies to help overcome the challenges they are experiencing and that will also further extend their learning potential and personal strengths. Following my involvement, I can also advise on types of educational support or settings that will suit your child’s individual needs.

I carefully plan my assessments to meet the individual needs of children through flexible, creative and engaging approaches.

My assessment will usually include observation of the child at school/playground/home, consultation with parents/carers and school staff that know the child well and reviewing examples of the child’s schoolwork.

I would also work individually with the child, which could involve assessing their learning skills, social and emotional literacy skills, behaviour and/or emotional wellbeing.

Following my involvement, I may recommend referrals for further assessments by other professionals with different areas of expertise, such as a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, paediatrician or clinical psychologist. Any follow up referrals would only be suggested or made with parental/carer consent.

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